CIPM e-library

Step by Step Approach to Using CIPM e-library

1. Login to database site:

2. Enter user ID/ Password exactly as given

3. Select Database(s) to search from by clicking on the box by the right hand side of the computer screen. Please note that the subject of your inquiry determines the choice of database(s) to select. Make your search using the ‘key words’ on what you are researching on

4. Click on the title of the results of the search for the abstract/ summary of the article and or the PDF/HTML for the full text article

5. Click on the ‘Add to Folder’ to select/ add to folder

6. Go to the top right corner of the screen to view folder. Click on the folder to see all that has been selected

7. Press email (Envelop like sign) to email the selected article. Click on the print sign to print, etc

8. Click on the search History to view search history over time

9. Click on Alert to set-up alert on any subject. A form will appear where you click ‘am a new user’ Fill the requisite form to create your folder and click on alert and fill the appropriate form/ answer the requisite questions.Thereafter, you submit the completed forms and if the alert is successful, it will indicate.

10. To view training videos, click on more, select on videos. Another screen will appear where you select smart text and thereafter make your search using key words. The results will appear indicating PDF and Flash Player

11. Click on the flash players to play the video

Non members can have access to resources in the physical library for a fee of N15,000

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