DAY 1: Wednesday, 14th November, 2018
  1. Master Series 1: Leveraging Total Rewards Strategy to Drive a Highly Engaged Workforce by   Mr. Boluwaji Apanpa
  2. Master Series 2: Managing Diverse Talent and Changing Work Dynamics by  Kate Bravery
  3. Master Series 3: Wellness and Depression at Workplace by Dr. Maymunah Kadiri
  4. Plenary Session 1: A People-Centred Labour Law for Organizational Productivity by Mr. Isa Inuwa, Amachi Asugwuni and      
          1. Mr. Kayode Akintemi (Panel Moderator)
  5. Plenary Session 2: Compensation & Benefit Administration: Managing Statutory Obligations and Compliance by                                                 
    1. Mr. Muhammad Sani Muhammad, Mr. Abdul-Rasaq Adeniran and  Mr. Kayode Akintemi (Panel Moderator)
DAY 2: Thursday,  15th November, 2018
  1. Master Series 4: Winning Strategies for Transforming the Public Service by Mr. Jeo Abah
  2. Master Series 5: Developing Competencies & Capabilities in Disruptive Times by Sadeeq Mai-Bornu
  3. Master Series 6: Empowering the Nigerian Nation through Entrepreneurship Development: The people Agenda by Modupe Oyekunle
  4. Plenary Session 3: Human Capital Development: An Imperative for Economic Prosperity by Mr. Jordi Borrut Bel, Toba Otusanyam, 
  5.                     Mr Uyi Akpata and Mr. Kayode Akintemi (Panel Moderator)

DAY 3: Friday, 16th November, 2018

  1. Master Series 7: Linking People Strategy to Business Result: The Human Resource Challenge  by Tope Phillips and Ephraim Osunde
  2. Master Series 8: Artificial Intelligence and the Business Decision: The New Thinking by  Mr. Dipo Faulkner
  3. Master Series 9: HR in the Board Room - Experience Sharing from a CEO by Mr. Thabo Mabe


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