CIPM - Unicaf University MoU

The CIPM is proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Unicaf University, aiming to co-ordinate the efforts of both organisations in raising professional standards in Human Resource Management in the country.

With the MoU, the parties will unite their efforts to further promote people and organisational development through a jointly developed and implemented Curriculum Integration Programme for students preparing for CIPM professional examinations. They also plan to facilitate the pursuit of dual qualifications from both organisations and to introduce a jointly developed Human Resource Management (HRM) degree programme to be offered by Unicaf University. Furthermore, the MoU provides for joint research in mutual areas of interest, access of CIPM members to Unicaf University’s expansive e-Library, and the development of mutually agreed learning programmes, webinars, conferences and other learning opportunities and events.

Unicaf University is a pan-African, independent, internationally accredited institution, combining the best elements of international education, offering high quality academic qualifications. Unicaf Universtiy aims to positively contribute to the educational and economic development of local communities and the African region as a whole, through the provision of internationally recognised programmes, that focus on developing professional skills. Unicaf University combines e-learning with face-to-face instruction and fosters relevant scientific research which serves the interests of local communities. The University pursues excellence in teaching and student achievement and offers eligible students the opportunity to earn high quality qualifications at low cost, through exclusively online delivery, or through a combination of online and on-campus study, using digital learning tools that enhance the experience of the modern learner.

The CIPM, established in 1968 and Chartered by Act 58 of 1992, is the apex regulatory body for the practice of Human Resource Management in Nigeria. With over 10,000 HR Experts as Members who are equally key decision makers in both public and private sectors in Nigeria, CIPM has sustained its efforts in regulating Human Resource practice and promoting human capacity development which is critical to driving national development in Nigeria. The Institute promotes excellence and fosters the sustainable growth of individuals, organisations and nations. Through its various activities, and in partnership with other bodies, the CIPM develops the science and practice of HR Management, conducts research and promotes knowledge and the exchange of information and ideas in this field. The Institute seek to develop and maintain high standards of professional competence in HR Management in Nigeria, both in the public and in the private sector.

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